Like any ages-old academic institution, what was a simple college dedicated to refining would-be mages has picked up building after building, faculty after faculty, and department after department, until the University is now a sprawling mass of institutions that cover every kind of magical instruction yet conceived. First-years, often bewildered, are given free choice of what to study, although each course is a term long to keep things neat. Although subjects are loosely grouped into Departments, a coherent syllabus between subjects is generally nonexistent.

Each term leaves its mark, whether that be Divination students being constantly twitchy with a nervous glint in their eyes or Covert Movement students seeming washed-out and shadowy. With the disaster, though, these skills will be key to survival and getting home.

The departments are as follows:

Each term spent in a department allows you to pick one of the subjects within it, providing the benefits noted in that subject's description. For those who have no interest in scholarly matters, however, there is always slacking off, which comes with its own benefits.

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