Linked Characters

The GMs are happy to let players link characters, but we can only guarantee that groups of two will end up in the same house; larger groups may not all end up together.

This page is for out of character discussion to find potential links between PCs before game start - if you would like to link characters with someone please leave a message below. If you're interested in linking with someone who has advertised below please get in contact with them directly by personal email - remember everyone can read this page!


  • Although it's not my primary idea now, I'm still tempted to find a partner to basically play these two. If anybody's intrigued, ping me at - David
  • Brian and Lavender Mongfish (Gareth and Jen) seek childhood friends: BFFs, girl/boy next door, nemeseis, and in Lavvie's case boyfriends from her gap year abroad. Schoolfriends also possible. We're from Pyria. daylightjam(at)
  • Mulder seeking Scully; Li Esvelt (Laura) - Luna Lovegood reinvented as a pure mathematician - needs someone vaguely sensible to bounce off. More sensible than her, at any rate, which is really not difficult. Also from Pyria. lauracampbel (at)
  • Anyone for a Jeeves and Wooster type partnership where the Wooster half is an over-enthusiastic Diabolist? If that appeals then give me a shout at o.stjohn(at symbol thing)
  • Wanted: People who might have had good use of somebody able to get them or other items they possess in and out of the university. Want to get prohibited items into your dorm room? Want to get that “friend” you met in town back into your room without having to sign them in with the proctors? If so then we might well be friends or at least have an understanding. Contact me at
  • Wanted: Other shifty people (or people with no idea of character concept but interested in shifty) to form some backplot with. Want a dark secret? Want people to look at you suspiciously because they know I've posted this and that you are talking to me a bit much? Want to have exciting ambitions that have been horribly derailed by the main plot? Then let me know… And prepare for me to be secretive about things when you e-mail me. (again - I thought I'd split up the two separate(ish) requests).
  • Angry women want revenge on their (ex?) boyfriends? No problem; drop Franz an email at dragondreaming (strange symbol like an extra curly a), and he'll arrange something to happen to them.
  • Looking for a best friend and/or rival. my characters a street rat from tosat who didn't want to be adopted. email me at if interested
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