The Department of Hyperthaumic Arcanophysics

The Department of Hyperthaumic Arcanophysics covers the magic of reality itself. What is magic in a real sense? How does it work? What does Hyperthaumic mean? It is laughable to think that these question can be answered by people in their normal mental state. Therefore the only solution is to train students to think abnormally. The courses tend to be confusing, even nonsensical, and yes, many students do tend to become a little…eccentric. But they get results. Those who graduate are among the greatest in their field, according to the professors. As few others can even understand anything they say, we’ll take their word for it. Students tackle such complex subjects as Metamagiphysics and Transfiguration. Oh and Divination. But that’s a doss.


This subject deals with the consequences of combining physical principles and magic in a real space. The first year course looks at impossible objects, the existence of the hypothetical magic particle and basic space/time warping. No-one really understands this course, but the number of students driven insane remains low, and everyone seems to think that just surviving a lesson should make you smarter, right?

If you have taken this course, you are slightly better at dealing with any magical impossibilities you come across. You may not understand them, but you won’t go mad looking at them either, probably.

Basic Linearised Transfiguration

Transfiguration, the magic of turning something into something else. One of the more practical of the subjects covered by the department of Hyperthaumic Arcanophysics. Transfiguration is used very often by magicians, but it can be very dangerous if used incorrectly. There is usually a constant stream of students being taken from the Transfiguration classes to the infirmary, with various horrible deformities, due to spells backfiring or people missing their intended transfiguration target and hitting a student instead. The first year course is Basic Linearised Transfiguration, but there are many more advanced courses dealing with more complicated applications of the magic.

A student that has studied this course will be better at detecting if something has been subject to Transfiguration, and may have an idea as to what it was originally.


This course covers predicting the future, a legendary ability that is well renowned, despite it being a bit…hit and miss. The classes are held in one of the basements of the Department, far away from the other distractions of life in the University. The actual magic behind seeing the future is shrouded in mystery, but the method seems to require ridiculously expensive crystal balls and copious amounts of tea.

It is easy to just wander through this course, giving off vague predictions that will probably come true, but it is extremely difficult to actually master the art of Divination, and most students find it hard to look past themselves, and view the future in an unbiased manner. Therefore the second year students who have studied Divination can only get a blurred vision the future in relation to themselves, and only a few seconds ahead. If you have taken this course, you get a vague sense of impending danger, and have an inkling as to the form it will take. For example, this may give you faster reaction times to avoid threats, or help you avoid poisoned food, etc.

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