For all their potential, there are some who come to the University, see the demanding academic schedule, and decide to do something completely different. Although theirs is a troublesome life, constantly dodging assignments, Junior Deans, and irate goblins, these people often end up with a unique view of the University. Here are some ideas of what your term of academic noncompliance may have got you, though feel free to email in with other suggestions.

First-Year Wrangling

Why spend time with your peers, when juniors are so much easier to manipulate? Whether it's building up your own little cult of personality among the lower years, or striking terror in their hearts with an intimidating eyebrow and a couple of minions, you have a distinct ability to get the lower years to do whatever you want.

Hidden Halls and Hideaways

In a place as vast and arcane as the University, you can spend months exploring and never get tired. You have many stories of the strange rooms, weird stairways, and friendly prisoners of the University's upper reaches, and could act as a pretty competent guide in getting people around the place. Your experience being where you're not meant to has also given you the ability to get the hell out of there at the first sign of trouble; you were never caught by the Junior Deans more than once.

Recreational Substanceomancy

Pff, screw those losers in Cryptobotany. You know where to score the good stuff, but this knowledge took a lot of effort to put together. By spending a large portion of the year dedicated to the pursuit of the next interesting high, you've developed a bit of a warped view of the world, but that might help a bit when geometry starts getting non-euclidean. Additionally, you have a bit of knowledge of the less well-known paths out of the Uni, and a nose for finding illcit traders wherever you are in the world.

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