Tone and Themes

What is the game about?

As far as theme goes, it's a game about exploration and responsibility. When you go out of the university, it will be to find out more about the world, to use your power to make right wrongs that very well may be partially your fault, or to seize power for yourself.

When you go into the university, you may be doing it for the benefit of all - fixing things and ensuring vital resources are available to all who live in the university - but you may also want to continue your education in the arcane by plumbing the Uni's secrets, or get power of your own by plundering its artifacts.

And finally there's the idea that the students, the PCs have choices to make. Do they want to get home, or do they want to go off into parts unknown? Do they take advantage of the situation to get strength for themselves, or do they band together and rise to the occasion? It's about being forced to go out into the world, and working out what place you really want in it.

What's the game's tone?

The intended feel of the game is decidedly light-hearted. We're aiming for something like the early Discworld books, where there's whimsy and humour even in the face of extreme peril.

The problems the protagonists face can be grave - running out of food, the University starting to break, evil npcs doing things they don't like, the difficulty of having power but no-one to tell you how to use it, maybe even some minor shades of lord of the flies, but the way the game will deal with it will still be positive, absurd, and fantastical.

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