As discussed on the Magic page, you will have a certain number of uses of your spell per session. This would make big, flashy magical duels impractical, were it not for the Dueling Ring in the center of the Great Hall. When two mages agree to step into the ring according to whatever terms they've defined between them, enchantments in the ring flare up into a barrier that surrounds the dueling ring.

The barrier has certain properties:

  • While inside it, each mage only uses up 1 use of his or her spell, no matter how many times they cast it.
  • No magic cast inside it can affect those outside it.
  • Anyone outside can step into the ring to interfere with the duel, if they so desire. No-one can be made to enter the ring.

Fighting within the ring is pretty simple. A coin is tossed to see who goes first, although if one has more experience with dueling than the other they get to choose who goes first. The first mage then says what they'll be doing with their magic, their skills, or their artifacts. The second mage responds, saying what they're doing to counter that and press their own assault. This continues until one party has no way of responding or stopping their own defeat, or they surrender. At that point, the duel is over.

Multiple-person duels can be more complex. Initiative is still randomly allocated as above, with experience in duels giving faster reactions. With more than two combatants, however, people can delay until other people have acted, and act together with allies to cast linked spells.

Interrupts can be spent during duels to completely negate the opponent's magic, but this uses that interrupt for this session.

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