University Locations

The University is a large old series of stone buildings that date from several centuries old (the main gate house and some of the towers) to relatively recently built (the Alchemy department practical lab). The main university is arranged into quads with buildings surrounding a central courtyard. The front gate opens directly onto the main quad which its self is something of the heart of the institution.

The geography of the university is somewhat relative. It is thought that a few centuries ago the buildings were enchanted so that rooms were used to their best ability while also being in the most convenient location for their job without ruining the aesthetic of the complex. To this extent not all the corridors connect to where you'd expect and moving from place to place can get rather confusing. This is not helped by the fact that since the enchantments were put in place they have not been maintained at their best and have begun to drift and shift. This gives a certain dynamic to the layout of the buildings that other institutions lack and anyone attempting to count the number of quads or staircases has had little success.

The best way to navigate the university is by relative landmarks. Although not easily mapped the tallest tower (excellent for astronomy, meteorology and peering out over The City) is always through the archway on the left of the main Quad for example, while the kitchen entrance is always round the corner from the Great Hall and the Alchemy department is always reached by turning your back on the Clock Tower and walking with the Tower with the Clock in it on your left.

Although very confusing to new comers, once you've been there for a few weeks you soon learn how to find your way around to all the departments, house common and student rooms and other facilities. On occasion it has been known for the geography to significantly shift and for new relative positions to occur however this is a rare occurrence and normally only happens once every few years.
The University also contains extensive grounds and parkland that are walled in by 3m high stone walls. As with all such places these walls are in need of repair along bits of their length if you know where to look, although in other places they are very solid. Inside the parkland is a mix of woodland and grass with sufficient space for a small herd of deer (and perhaps other things) to live.

Here's a short list of some of the important areas around the University:

The Clock Tower

The Furnace

The Offices

The Bath House

The Laundry

The Janitor's Closet

The Kitchen

The Quad


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