Alchemy is the practice of refinement. It is used to make measured, reliable changes to the world (unlike the more impressive but much less reliable practices of Hyperthaumic Arcanophysics). The broad definition means that much of what students expect from Alchemy is misleading and the course loses a significant portion of its intake every year as a result of students moving to more glamorous departments.

Vwpis Primoris

Vwpis Primoris, what the lecturers call “The First Art”, is the application of the mind to achieve change in the world. Not to be confused with Headology, this is about learning how to understand your interaction with the universe at their most basic level, your mind. As the lecturers so regularly point out, until you have been taught to think then there is no way you can achieve anything other than failure.

What is actually taught in this course can often be quite difficult to pin down, many of the students consider its only purpose to be an outlet for the discontent of the faculty upon unsuspecting students. The faculty of course argue that this is a course of fundamentals which will allow you to succeed in your manipulations of the universe in a way in which no other discipline can achieve.

Students will have spent much time coming to understand the more theoretical principals of academic study and have a knack for unravelling the writings and puzzles of senior lecturers.

Gwna Bethau

The Gwna Bethau course is focussed on a class of universe modifications achievable through basic physical principals. Much dismissed by those who came to the university to study “Proper” magic, the first year course focussing on issues of Leverage, Tension, and Material Properties. The course has the greatest mid-term lull of any of the first year course, but manages one of the highest student retentions into the second year. This is largely due to the TYD (third year demonstrations) held at the end of the term. The demonstration usually features at least one variation of a fireball trebuchet built out of basic kitchen ingredients.

Students of this course tend to be quite capable of understanding and manipulating complicated mechanisms.

Folium Aernon

What is more traditionally thought of as Alchemy, the introductory course of Folium Airnon teaches the reduction and distillation of universal components to affect the world. Most commonly this is through the gradual infusion of basic herbs, which are then pulped into “Elixirs”, and then further processed into Agents. In years two and three these basic steps are built upon to allow the use of several agents and a further processing step to produce truly potent (and perfectly repeatable) effects.

Students will be able to produce elixirs from suitable infused plants, and can recognise most basic elixirs and agents.

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