University Noticeboard

The university has magical noticeboards scattered around it, which automatically shift to display up to five notices at any one time. In addition, some things regarding the current state of the university are noticeable to all its denizens, and these are noted below.

University Notices

  • We are under Attack. Defend us!
  • Great Tendrils seek to sap our power. Repel them!
  • Sinister Clasps seek to hold us in this place. Remove them!
  • Some of our members remain Imprisoned. Free them!
  • The great Pillars bind us. Destroy them!

Things you will notice:

  • The University's statues have come alive, patrolling the corridors.
  • Outside, you can see a gargantuan space. On all sides of the university, you can see buildings of all shapes and sizes extending in all directions. In the distance, they surface they are on begins to slope upwards.
  • At four points around the university stand giant, white pillars. These crackle with glowing energy, which appears to be arcing around the University in a fashion reminiscent of a cage.
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