Sample Characters

Legotor Alm, Aotean Spoiled Brat

  1. Classes:
    1. Duelling Arts
    2. Cross Country and Urban Athletics
    3. Magic Swords, and Where We Found Them
  2. Spell: - Air Blast
    1. Expression: A focused blast of air that makes a satisfying “whumph” sound.
    2. Effect: Blasts the target backwards with considerable force.
    3. Limitation: Short ranged, and inflicts no real damage by itself.
    4. Incantation: “May mighty winds blast weakness from my path!”
  3. Hobby: Climbing to inadvisedly high places at high speeds.
  4. Personal Goal: To become the best at every athletic pursuit he turns his attention to.
  5. Origin: Legotor comes from a rich merchant family in the Aotean chain trade. He has always been a bit of a daredevil, and a bit of a dick, and spent large portions of his youth leading his friends along precarious routes around the islands, often to their detriment. While his parents were rather ashamed when he turned out to have magical powers, he was secretly rather keen, being an enormous power gamer at heart. He has thrown himself into the study of things that he (quite correctly) thinks will allow him to better indulge his nature.

Katherine Leon - Bookish with a love for kittens

  1. Classes:
    1. Cryptozoology
    2. Metamagiphysics
    3. Anthropology
  2. Spell: - Phase self
    1. Expression: Her body and clothes become slightly see-through and her edges become somewhat fuzzy
    2. Effect: Can walk through solid surfaces as if they were air.
    3. Limitation: Can only take small objects with her (like clothes close to skin and small handheld things) but not large objects or other people. Also she still needs to breathe while phased but can't - so can only stay phased for as long as she can hold her breath.
    4. Incantation: “As I pass through the air around me, let me be as it.”
  3. Hobby: Reading in a quiet corner of the library.
  4. Personal Goal: To become a world expert in unusual magical creatures and their behaviours… and become champion for their rights!
  5. Origin: Katherine comes from the far off kingdom of Zurathur. The land is mostly covered in great forests in which live a variety of creatures not often seen in more civilised parts of the world. She was born into a fairly wealthy, but not noble, family and had always shown an interest in learning. When she showed magical ability at aged 15 (she wondered into the forest and got lost. Everyone presumed she was dead, eaten by some terrible beast, until she came back three days later on the back of a ferocious Manticore that ate out of her hand like it was a kitten.) her parents decided that sending her off to The University was the best bet. Katherine has a partial scholarship to the University. A reserved and fairly prim and proper young lady, it is a source of great annoyance and mystery to Katherine that she was assigned to Leviathan House. So far she has avoided all of the early morning jogging sessions by threatening anyone who wakes her up too early by throwing a rather grumpy looking house cat at them.

Deuce Polydeuce, Bitter Refugee

  1. Terms:
    1. Cataclysms Caused and Disasters Diverted: Great Magical Events
    2. Vwpis Primoris
    3. Divination
  2. Spell - Redundant Reduplication:
    1. Expression: A quiet noise best written as “thwip!”
    2. Effect: Creates a duplicate of the selected object.
    3. Limitation: Only inanimate objects smaller than a large tree.
    4. Incantation: “So sunder this subject seperately!” (“Tho thunder thith thubject theperately!”)
  3. Hobby: Strategy Games
  4. Personal Goal: To be rid of thith thtupid lithp!
  5. Origin: Deuce comes from the war torn country of Erudis & Eduni. His time there has made him rather cynical and bitter, experience has taught him that things tend to get worse not better and we are powerless to stop it. Nevertheless he can't deny that within him there is still hope to bring stability back to his homeland via his education at the University. He has a very prominent lisp which frustrates him endlessly.

Mercurio Cantenza, Tosat ex-Guttersnipe

  1. Terms:
    1. Covert Movement and Misdirection.
    2. Hidden Halls and Hideways.
    3. Performance.
  2. Spell - Quicksilver:
    1. Expression: Transform myself into liquid mercury.
    2. Effect: Can pass through tight or narrow spaces, and resist damage.
    3. Limitation: Has very little strength.
    4. Incantation: Prima Materia Hydrargyros! (prime material, mercury).
  3. Hobby: Stealing things from the Third Years, giving them to the Firsts.
  4. Personal Goal: To get richer than his wildest dreams. Player goal: get involved in an awesome heist.
  5. Origin: The city of Tosat. Specifically, the gutters thereof. When caught levitating the purse of a nobleman's belt, the punishment was severe - he was ripped from his gang and placed in that Nobleman's house. No magic in the lower classes, after all. Seething resentment gave way to an appreciation of luxury, but he still kept in practice sneaking out to meet up with old friends and family. When the time came when the personal magical tutors couldn't educate him any more, he was dispatched to the City with a big wad of money and finery from his 'doting' parents. With a year of instruction under his belt his taste for the luxuries of Tosat has faded. Instead, with his quick wit and skilled fingers he plans on gaining enough wealth that even the City will recognize his greatness.
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