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 +======Leviathan House======
 +Leviathan House is the home of the competitive and the athletic, those who cannot stand to appear second best. Despite its friendly atmosphere, the students are soon put through their paces. From early morning runs, to being forced to do extra work, the life of a student of Leviathan House is a strenuous one. Eventually most students fall into one of the following three categories:
 +The ridiculously eager, who give there all in everything and actually enjoy the constant arduous tasks, those who have found clever ways to avoid work, and the students in between, who live under constant pressure.
 +Due to the amount of effort they put into everything, you would expect Leviathan House to be unmatched in House points. However, due to the simply insane amount of effort constantly demanded of them, at least once per term a student snaps and goes on a rampage, being cheered on by the other Houses.
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