Aceso Utopia - Hector H


From "Infinite Horizons: A History of the Dimensionfleet"

The crew on the first voyages of the Dimension Ship had the experience of the Event to help them, but even so it was a testing experience. It is one thing to hold on as your cart careens down a street, and quite another to strap a magical accelerator to it and steer it yourself. Although the discoveries found were great, the ship would have been destroyed a dozen times over were it not for the particular efforts of one engineer - Aceso Utopia. His prior experience working with the machinery of the University ensured that whatever crises ensued the ship's journey could continue.

When the Dimension Ship returned from its first journey a year later, many of the crew left the ship to publicise the results of their travels, many gaining doctorates and acclaim in the academic world. Aceso, however, stayed with the ship, training new crew in the proper operation and maintenance of the ship. As the years went on, he expanded this program into the Dimensionfleet organisation, a large group of mages dedicated to manning the Dimension Ship, training crew, forming diplomatic envoys to the new civilisations found, and exploring new frontiers across the worlds. As Dimensionfleet grew, Aceso himself was busy with a personal project; taking a cutting from a particularly strange plant found over the University's travels, he was able to grow the strange baby-shaped fruit on the Dimension Ship. By experimenting with the juice of the fruits, he was able to make a serum that conferred extreme longevity if not immortality.

To those back home in the University, it must have seemed like some strange artefact of the dimension-travelling process; every year, the crew would appear back at the University, bearing news of fascinating discoveries and strange civilisations and never a day older. Soon, though, the preparation had been fully tested and it was presented to the University Restorative Magics department to do with as they will. The effects that had, however… that's a story for another book. Dimensionfleet itself continued to grow and expand, under the watchful oversight of Aceso Utopia, over many decades and centuries to come.

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