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Bernardette Walmsley is the daughter of a well-known merchant family of Tosat. She is well-natured if a little bossy. In her first year, she joined many clubs and societies, and enjoys many wholesome activities, such as lacrosse, opera singing (bad but loud) and jollying people up. If challenged about her extra-curricular brewing activities, she will assure you that she only makes nerve tonics and suchlike - just like Nanny used to make, don't you know. Those with delicate nerves would do well to try them - and be thankful that Bernardette is phase-sensitive so you will get a few hours respite from the voice every so often.

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Excerpt from 'A history of the Land of Summer'

Bernadette Walmsley was a new face to the Lands of Summer as they were then, and an old university friend of Duke Martel il'Praima. Her appointment to the prestigious position of Chancellor at such a young age with such little experience and with such little background in the Lands of Summer did cause some concern amongst the nobles of the land. It is no secret that the position of Chancellor was highly regarded and that at least five factions had been vying for their candidate to fill the position. Expecting Bernadette to fail swiftly was their first mistake, underestimating her when it became clear she was going to retain the position was their second. They were not given the opportunity to make a third mistake.

In the face of the undeterred optimism, organisational expertise, and (for them) unexpected political acumen of Bernadette Walmsley, opposition to Duke il'Praima's plans to reunite the Lands of Summer didn't stand a chance. Many have speculated that without the grounding influence of Bernadette, Duke il'Praima's rule, while competent, would have been far less joyful. Indeed it is widely believed that it is primarily the influence of Bernadette upon Martel, that led to the marriage of the Duke to his university sweetheart Terven which is now considered the start of the golden age of the Land of Summer.

Bernadette's personal life was one of reserve rather than excess. She married a quiet gentleman of one of the minor noble families, who's reserved demeanour seemed to balance Bernadette's exuberance perfectly. They had three children who all later attended the University and followed their own paths, much to the delight of their parents.

Bernadette served in the position of Chancellor for the next 50 years and retired to much celebration of the work she had done in the land she now called home. She retired with her husband to live out the rest of their days in the Land of Summer that they had helped unite.

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