Blitz Magnum - Fabio D


As Blitz lies dying, scenes from his life flash before his eyes:

The rest of his time at the University, spent attending a number of battle magic classes “heavily recommended” by Prof. Hunter.

The recommendation that he become a member of the faculty upon graduation, answered with a simple “I guess I could.”

Being sworn in and teaching his first class of Defence against magical aberrations. Having not prepared a lesson, he mock battled his trusted Krakon. The students left terrified and slightly singed.

Writing his first bestiary, a horrible creature seemingly made entirely of teeth and tentacles.

The first students to graduate his class. Blitz never learnt any of their names, he just kept throwing beasts at them hoping they would leave him alone.

Being credited as the mentor of Tom Hornslayer, Steve-the-Preposterously-Armoured and Rodolfo of Pyria, three of the greatest warriors and hunters of the current generation.

Becoming Headmaster, after a unanimous vote by the faculty, for his “outstanding contributions to the welfare of the University and its student body.” Blitz had no idea what they were talking about, but the new office did have a thicker door.

The many adventures, hunts, battles, wars, and glorious quests he was dragged on over the years. He hated them all.

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