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Boris continued his studies and his research, the focus of which was Joint spells, using his experience of joint spells from the Incident back when he was in second year, Boris researched the linking machine. After working out that the problem with the original linking machine was the sheer amount of spells that the users knew overloaded it, which is the reason it worked when everyone had one spell, Boris managed to build a new linking machine. The joint spells were far less powerful than the original linking machine's, but it was still an amazing discovery.

After this Boris became a professor, and got a glimpse into the various departments' work.

Concerned for the safety of the University, and indeed reality itself, Boris eventually joined the Review Board to oversee funding for University experiments

A Meeting With The Review Board

The first meeting of the day

“…so what could potentially go wrong?”

“Well, Mr Boris, we see there are three outcomes, the first is obviously success, the second is Universal collapse-the collapse of the University, mind you the chance of that is tiny, like 5 percent.”

“And the third?”

“Universal Collapse”

“You just said…”

“No this is the total and utter collapse of the Universe, but the chance is barely higher than the second outcome.”


The second meeting of the day

“Hi I'm from metamagiphysics.”

“So what is your experiment?”

“Well you know the problem with explosions is that they don't last long. Imagine if we could make the duration so it was no longer finite. That’s right, explosions lasting forever, and we don't have to stop there, an explosion occuring at all locations in space at once. This will be my crowning achievement, the detonation of a dimension!”

“Can you in any way justify the scientific relevance of this?”


“Could you please do that now?”



The third meeting of the day

“So tell us about yourself.”

“They all laughed at me, they said I was crazy…”


The final meeting of the day

Taking a moment before the final person enters, Boris sighs and then begins to mutter to himself “Please don't let it be Brian, please don't let it be Brian.”

The man enters.

“Hello Boris.”

“Damn it!”

Reality has not collapsed due to improper use of magic…yet.

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