Cecil D Faustus - Oliver S (Retired)


The honorable Cecil D. Faustus is the someday Count of the small nation of Malagard and the only heir of a long line of dark wizards, diabolists and evil overlords. Malagard was once noted for its pits of fire, the imposing architecture of Castle Bane and the fact that every few years it would be nearly totally destroyed. Occasionally the destruction came at the the hands of the 'forces of good' but more often than not were due to some hideous horror unleashed by the incumbent Count that stomped around for a while before eating the Count responsible and vanishing. With the accession of Cecil's father the cycle of doom appears to have been halted and Malagard has recently been awarded several prestigious toursim awards. Sent by his father to the university for a well-rounded education with a heavy focus on the non-maniacal magical arts; Cecil is generally known to be extraordinarily posh, well-meaning and not overly bright.


A Genealogy of the Faustus Family, by Willard Vole

…Malagard's ruling family, the Faustus, had for centuries garnered a reputation for infernmalism, dark pacts, and poor stewardship of their holdings. Athough his father Tyrannus (42nd) had made great strides in changing this for the better most feared a resurgance with Cecil (43rd) due to his strong diabolistic talents. Indeed, said talents were a major factor in Tyrannus' decision to send his son to the University, to learn decorum, diplomacy and modern rulership.

…while we may never know the full details of what happened in the week following the Event, many eyewitness reports have since been published. Whenever Cecil appears in them, he shows great loyalty to his house and to the University, Although his actions were a unique mix of cheerful naivety and soul-endangering infernalism. It is at around this point that he appears to have got involved with the unhinged Virgin Lightning, although it is hard to tell whether the relationship was based on romantic interest or house spirit with the limited reports we have.

What is certain is that during this period two major events happened; firstly, Cecil himself went missing and was never seen again, although papers found in the academic offices much later showed he had intentionally renounced his University Membership. Quite why he choose such a course of action is anyone's guess. The second event, of more interest to this Genealogy, was the conception or perhaps creation with Vigin Lightning of Tahariel Faustus (44th). Despite his angelic ancestry and arcane birth, the child undoubtedly took after Cecil, and soon after the University returned to its home plane Tahariel was recognised as successor to the Faustus line1).

…although his mother was a thorn in his side for much of his life, Tahariel continued the good work of his grandfather Tyrannus, paving the way for the republic of peace and prosperity that we live in today.

In Another Place and Time

The old man walked back from another long day at the poorhouse, exhaustion in his steps. He had sen the concern in the other worker's eyes again today. No matter; he'd been giving his all to helping the less fortunate for decades now, and wasn't going to start being selfish now. A boat of revellers floated rambunctiously down a nearby canal, reminding him it was festival season again. It had a festival then, too, when he and his classmates arrived on this world. When he finally made his choice about what to do with his demons and with Virgin. When he sold his soul to the forces of good and purity. He wondered, fleetingly, whether his father would still have denied him his inheritance. Then, shaking his head, he continued on his way home through the streets of revellers.

1) Helped in no small part by the pre-existing precedent of summoned entities being valid proxies to pass descent through; see Crimula (21st) or Malicio (11th, 16th and 32nd).
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