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Sir Chadwick 'Chad' Rocquel is the heir to the Duchy of Pereval on distant Rista. A somewhat unwilling member of the student body but extremely enthusiastic athlete, Chad is known to regard the use of magic as 'basically cheating at life'.


With his magical abilities permanently drained by his heroic efforts against the thaumivore, Chadwick had little reason to continue his education at the University. After a few weeks wrangling compensation from the University for the trauma of the Event and the loss of his magic, he made his goodbyes and journeyed back to his family's Duchy in Pereval. The Duke of Rocquel, his father, was apparently dismayed at his son's loss, but according to close sources Chadwick himself seemed almost relieved by the loss.

Chadwick spent the next few years in Pereval organising a commission from the University's vitamancy department, building something very similar to the University's Infirmary within the duchy. At the same time, his relationship with Lavender Mongfish only grew, the distance between Pereval and the City conquered by her portal magics. While he was learning about the governance of the kingdom from his father, she was learning performance, anthropology and divination from the finest professors of the University, ensuring that when the time came for both to run the duchy they would be well-prepared. They were married in the whispering forests of Pyria soon after Lavender graduated from the University, and by all accounts the relationship stayed loving and strong for the rest of their lives. Pereval grew steadily under their leadership, but they had the greatest impact in its fortunes in two areas: foreign affairs and sport.

While Lavender was getting involved with the public unrest in Tosat, lending covert support to those fighting for change, Chadwick was no less revolutionary with the sport of Blarneyball. The traditional sport had long been a large source of tourism for Pereval, but its sheer brutality meant only Trolls or the suicidally confident could participate. The introduction of the Vitamantic Hospital to Pereval changed all that, meaning that anyone who wished could take part in the no-holds-barred, exhilarating sport. None was a more enthusiastic player than Chadwick himself, and his daring and tenacity on the pitch more than made up for his fragility compared to the other players. The revitalised sport was a sensation, and soon was added to the Magical Sports League's network.

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