Danny Valente - Dom S


Danny heads off across the universe, to further the cause of Justice.


A void, darkness going on forever, through all of space and all of time. A moment is an eternity and it has been far longer than a moment.

Blurred images of the past begin to fade in and out. The ticking of endless clocks. A high pitched voice shrieks “Justice!”. A gauntlet falling from the sky. The colours red, blue, yellow white, black and for some reason beige. Figures trapped in green crystal. A dark shape appearing in the centre of a crowded room. “Justice!”. The pale figure of a ghost. Parties. Insults. Octopi. Ticking. “Justice!”.

Then setting off away from home countless worlds, countless adventures. The gaps between dimensions, an endless expanse. A foe, far greater than before, burning through into existence. A group, dressed in bright colours, standing, ready to fight. A great battle spanning across the dimensions. The creature, writhing and then cracking, smashing into pieces. Then back to the darkness.

And then, a glimmer of light pierces through and suddenly the whole of reality is in sight, everything that ever was and will be, arranged in a kaleidoscopic pattern across the stars in all its infinite majesty. The vision rushes forward, zooming towards one figure in the centre of it all, a man lying unconscious on the ground, wearing a white gauntlet.

Danny staggers to his feet, looks at his hands.


Crystallised star beast is one hell of a drug.

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