Dek Ren Jeron - Chris V

Dek comes from the far off city of Tidewall. He doesn't talk much about where he comes from and seems to be quite at home in the City and university. He is known to often sneak out and spend time in the city and then sneak back into the university after hours. He has always been more than happy to help fellow students do the same, or bring their friends in from outside if wanted…


Minister Calls for Harsher Sanctions After Magical Violence

From the Tosat Herald, a Week After the University Returned.

Daniel Barosa, Minister of the Interior for Tosat and its environs, denounced the mayhem of the past week in a strongly-worded speech to the assembly last night. Said he: “We need to rethink about our too-liberal education policies. Placing the children of the lower classes into noble houses for upbringing, and then dispatching them to far-off lands, is surely a luxury we can no longer afford. Better to take them into care of the government, where they can be kept safe and productive.”

His remarks were spurred by the remarkable rampage of two low-born mages from Tosat that has occured in the past few days. Although sources from the University claim they are hunting down kidnappers and thieves, few can deny the disruption to daily life the activities of Dek Ren Jeron and Alanna Varanidae (a terrible blow to her adopted family) have caused. We talked to one resident about what he saw: “I was just minding my shop, right? And sure, I lease the upper rooms and don't pay too much attention to what gets done in them. I need money, like everyone else. Anyway, just minding my shop, and this man runs in, waving a rapier and being chased by a tiny dragon! Without so much as a by-your-leave, he's climbing up shelves and then, get this, jumping straight through the ceiling. I'm protesting, but the dragon just flies by me and up the stairs. A'course, after a reasonable amount of time I follow. The room's totally trashed, furniture and unconscious people everywhere. I look out the window, and now there's *two* dragons, all ghostly like, chasing a man down the street. I tell you, this didn't use to happen in my day…”

Emergency peacekeeping measures have been brought in, but with the University apparently disrupted by some kind of magical mishap it's hard to tell what the forces of peace and order can do against these wayward mages…

Magic Heroes Take A Stand For The Poor

From the New Tosat Enquirer, Five years after the Event.

Did you think Dek Ren Jeron and Alanna Varanidae were done improving Tosat?! Think Again!!!

These magical, mystical heroes, along with their pal Xanatov Kiribal, shocked the poorest districts of Tosat yesterday as they performed magic on a massive scale. Here's what some residents had to say:

“I was just walking my dog, when my building just, like, shuddered. All of a sudden, it's standing upright, and is all bright and colourful. I go inside, and the taps and the sink are working as good as new!” - Dave Miller, 15

“This street outside, right? We aven't got much in the way of plumbing down here, so it gets pretty ripe in the summer. So I'm leaning out the window, throwing away my business, and there's a big rumbling noise. I look, and there's this big wave coming down the street. As it goes by, it cleans away everything; the grime, the litter, the gutters, and when it goes the street's all clean and even sparkly. A'course, I slam my window and run inside, but as I do the floor shakes and new porcelain shoves itself up through the floor. We have a bath now! And three toilets!” - Lia Thatcher, 43

It seems the heroes were able to use a prodigious feat of magic to resculpt the entire district! Architects are calling it “A revolutionary piece of efficient and sustainable design”, residents are calling it “Bloody amazing”, we just want to know: what do these masterful mages have in mind for us next??

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