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Originally from Fjall Felson, Devon Talder had never been too keen on returning after his degree. After completing the second year of his degree he arranged to take a year out on board the Dimension ship as a way of postponing the end of his degree and thus his return to the Troll King. It is thought that he spent much of this year in the crystal world he had originally visited during the Incident at the start of his second year. Here he honed his crafting skills learning much from the perfectly aligned cogs and gears that comprised the world machine. He also took time during his year there to visit the centre of the machine and it is thought that this exposure to the heart of the 'perfect machine' had a profound effect upon him.

He returned to the University and completed his degree, graduating with distinction. His crafting skill was so markedly improved after his year in the crystal world and his approach to it so unique that his skills as an architect of machinery and devices were highly sought after by many across the Lands outside the City. The Troll King seemed very keen to have him return to work in the under-city however other kingdoms were also vying for his skills. Helped by Prof. Tiffin, his house-master, he negotiated a bidding war for his skills sufficient to pay off the debt to the Troll King that his education had incurred and freeing him from any obligation to return.

Over the years, Devon worked in many kingdoms on many varied projects but his interests lay primarily in intricate mechanisms, his skills helped by the impossible assembly he was able to achieve with his state changing spell. He returned to the University a number of times to work upon the Clock Tower (both the great mechanism of the tower its self and the many clocks within it) and under his care it kept its steady methodical 'tha-thump, tha-thump' and the spirits within were always pleased to see him.

To this day the mere mention of a 'Talder Mechanism' is enough to command a high price at auction - hsi craftsmanship having not yet been bettered, and skilled craftsmen still look to his innovations as a guide to how their work should proceed.

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