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Diag spends the next twenty years travelling between dimensions, quietly collecting the knowledge and items needed to perfect his own undeath (and also the processes needed to support a high quality undead army). Eventually acquiring the position of Professor of post-life studies.

Five years later he arranges for an “accident” during a third-year experiment to leave him in a post-life state, making a big show of of spending the rest of his (very long) career investigating exactly how the accident had caused his fairly unique post-life state. Some detractors briefly commented on how convenient this was, but were never heard from again.

1000 years after the events of the great ritual any records of Diag Swallow cease, cause unknown.

Saw it coming

A figure enters the grand hall in which Diag has been waiting, carefully unsheathing his sword which glows softly with a holy light.

“So, you've finally found me?” Diag slowly turning to face the young man “This family vendetta you have has become somewhat tiresome. Tell me, if you don't destroy me today will you continue to hunt me, will you train your son to hunt me as your father trained you?”

The young man stands with defiance, “Of course, the DeForte family will continue to hunt you until we have destroyed you with our own hands.”

With a glance to the corner, Diag continues walk towards the young man. The young man doesn't seem to notice the young child which stands in the corner, silver eyes and white hair glistening slightly in the moonlight.

“Good, good.” I'd hate for this day to be a waste. I have been waiting a thousand years for this.” As Diag finally steps within reach of the young man he nods, the young man swinging for his head, but finding nothing there but Diag's fading grin.

Legends of the DeForte family indicate that their ceaseless war against Diag continued for another few hundred years, destroying any number of his supposed “Agents” although never again managing to confront Diag so directly.

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