Firesale Terpsichore-Phlange - Conrad J


Legends of the Chromatic Order: Dimension Force, Episode 12

NARRATOR: “Previously on Dimension Force! The team landed on a new world, drained of life. A terrible enemy emerged! As its minions strike, can our heroes survive?”

Quick flashes of various scenes:

  • The Dimension-Ship landing on a new world. The world is drained, and brittle.
  • Yellow Knight guiding the team into the heart of a Thaumivore's lair.
  • Blue Knight holding back a swarm of buzzing horrors with water blasts.
  • Red Knight hit by terrible raking claws, and flung against a wall.

After a tense scene where White Knight does his best to heal Red Knight back to health, the Chromatic Order fight their way towards the heart of the lair. As they are about to enter the creature's chamber, the cloaked figure of THE ORACLE.

ORACLE: Halt! This creature is far greater than any you have faced before. Luckily, I have come prepared.

[ORACLE flourishes his cloak, revealing four weapons of purest silver]


ORACLE: Remember how you fought the Thaumivore when it assaulted the University! Now go, and strike!

[THE KNIGHTS arm themselves, and go to battle THE BEAST.]
This fight is the last of the series, so spend as much of the special effect budget as you like. According to eyewitness reports it was a great dragon made of mirrors and glass, with fire burning inside. Can we do that? -The Director

As the battle is finished, the great pulsing heart of the beast is laid bare. YELLOW KNIGHT is lying wounded on the floor of the cavern, clutching a wound in her side. She looks up to see THE ORACLE striding forward.

YELLOW KNIGHT: (Pained) What… are you… doing?

[ORACLE casts off his cloak, and holds aloft a spear of glimmering starlight.]

YELLOW NIGHT: No! It can't be! Black Knight?!

[The revealed BLACK KNIGHT drives the spear into the creatures' beating heart, and disappears in a burst of light.]
[THE KNIGHTS pick themselves up, and look around the now-empty chamber.]

RED KNIGHT: Did… did we win? Awesome!


Scrawled on a wall of the City

he is the hunger in the Void
he is the burning darkness that consumes light
he is shadow and death
he comes
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