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Harriet Mercer continues her studies of space and time, making leaps and bounds in her understanding of time. Sometime later resorting to leaps and bounds in time. Knowledge of what happened to her next is less certain, she is known to have joined Siegmund Elapidae and Blitz Magnum in several glorious quests and adventures, to briefly have journeyed on the dimension-ship, and is also credited as the discoverer of the eighth floor of the University (and coincidently also the discoverer of a memorial garden commemorating the life and death of Harriet Mercer).

Harriet Mercer graduated from the University at the age of 45, exactly three years after she arrived at the age of 18. Her tutor seemed somewhat confused by this turn of events but at the graduation ceremony she gently took his hand and told him with a knowing smile that it would all make sense given time.

Its all relative

“It's all relative you see? Time stretches out just as space does and manipulating one is as easy as manipulating the other… when you know how to look at it. It's all just a matter of direction! Left, right, forward or back, past or future.”

“It's funny how things work, how time works. How cause must come before effect. How consequences always come before actions. But why? Does it always have to be like that. You know, I really don't see why it should. I think perhaps it doesn't have to. I think perhaps I will change it to see what happens…”

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