Kel Shethre-Nethan - Rosie O


The young woman strolls down the road at a leasurely pace. The sun is shining and she is in no rush. Her entourage (as she's had to begin thinking of them) follow a little way behind her, keeping pace on short mango legs and potato pulled carts. Ahead she can see the spec off the bean-plane returning from its forward scouting.

She looks at the fields to each side of her - the soil is dry and empty, it seems to have been a bad summer for the harvest. As she approaches the village ahead the people emerge and welcome her despite their problems, hospitable even in despiration. They offer her food but she politely declines and absentmindedly takes a seed from her pocket and plants in town square. Where there was nothing, now a fuitful appletree stands. There is shock and awe from the villagers, gratitude when it becomes clear she intends to share the apples.

As she leaves the village she picks out a couple of ears of corn from her bag and scatters them over a parched brown field by the road. Behind her she leaves feilds of gold.

It is the first village that Kel has encountered in such dire need on her wanderings. It is the first to benefit from her magic and generosity. It is most certainly not the last.

Kel spent many years wandering around the world, always looking for new and exciting things to observe and experiment with. Her love and curiosity for the unknown knew no bounds and she continued her quest to explore throughout her long and mango enhanced life. However she never failed to leave place she visited better than she found it. In the theme of scientific discovery and the mindset of 'I wonder what will happen if I do this…' she, Theo and Lavender expended the final use of their joint magic spell to walk the world tree and take a cutting. When they returned Kel planted it (for science!) and made it grow…

The absolute results of this are unclear - the tree its self is both large enough to fill the universe and the size of a medium oak at the same time. It's canopy holds both endless worlds and acorns of normal size. It's all just a matter of perspective. Many have tried climbing the tree, found in the plains to the west of Fjall Felson, and merely found themselves with a good view of the surrounding countryside. Although there are stories of one or two people who climb into the branches and never come down… slipped between the cracks into another world and never returned. One thing that is clear however is that the presence of this new world tree has aided the inter-dimentional exploration of the ship created after the return of the University. Navigators report with assurance that finding the way home is much easier than before and that all you have to do is aim for the roots and you can't miss… however when asked to explain what they meant (given that no tree is observed during inter-dimensional flight and no one has been able to revisit the original or the new world trees since Kel, Theo and Lavender last stepped on its branches) they were unable to answer.

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