Li Esvelt - Laura C


Extracts from Li's doctoral thesis: "Charting the Multiverse - Investigating Paradimensional Travel via the Metaresonance of Sympathetic N-Planes"

”…when between places, we have discovered that divinatory magics provide a curious effect; instead of tracing the possible outcomes of the current worldstate, we can instead trace something more fundamental. Although current academic terminology is insufficient, the process is analogous to tracing the future of the entire multiverse. One can see new worlds forming, expanding and contracting in the great dimensional foam. By directing a greater degree of attention to particular worldsets, one may actually bring them more into sympathy with the Dimension Ship, and therefore through viewing the future we may shape our present…”

”…excursions into outside worlds were less traumatic than our initial accidental journey, helped greatly by the crew's experience and preparation. Among our exploratory group, formed of myself, Brian Mongfish, Franz von Pyria, Edwina and Arris Toe-Crat, willingness for exploration was not in short supply. Tables III to VXX catalogue our discoveries, but to summarise we have found: 50 new worlds, 37 new sentient races, 30 different cultures and civilisations, 6 new forms of magical practice, and 4 extradimensional thaumivoric entities - using past experience we quickly fled…

…this avenue of study has unprecedented potential for research. My colleagues on the ship are certainly hoping to do so, but as I hope this report demonstrates the implications for the science of divination are even more profound. Further work in this field is most definitely important, and I would argue I am in a unique position to take it further…”

A Tour of the University, many years later

”…and here's the new Divination department. You can see the large housings for the mirror tunnels, the high-energy thaumic divinatory apparatus invented by Dr Esvelt several years ago. Although they allow for much higher precision divination of the past and the future, they had been deemed too much of an expense for uncertain benefit. In the tragic paradox-related implosion event that caused the disappearance of Dr Esvelt and her collaborators, however, the old Divination department was destroyed. As the university needed a new department, they decided to implement her proposals, giving rise to the modern department you see in front of you. Along with the anomaly still hanging over Metamagic, Dr Esvelt has made a lasting impact on the University…”

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