Lucretia Varanidae - Vicky H

Lucretia is the spoilt, over privaleged daughter of a Tosat aristocrat. Her family is know to have a long magical tradition, her mother in particular being a potent dark sorceress. Given her over-regimented upbringing she appears to have developed something of a cocky attitude towards authority figures and is always looking for a means to improve her position.

Lucretia - Eternity

Lucretia finished her degree and returned to Tosat, where she began a rapid and ruthless rise up the political ranks. It is rumoured that several of the great families of the city hired assassins and diabolists to attempt to curb this, but all such efforts proved entirely futile, and it was rumoured that she possessed potent defences both physical and magical. By the time the Tosat reform movement got started in earnest, she was a major part of the cities political landscape, and was noted for her outspoken opposition to many of the reforms, gathering a substantial following amongst the old blood of the city. While the sheer weight of powerful mages behind the reform effort eventually forced them through, Lucretia made many potent allies among the rich and powerful, and her own star continued to rise within the city.

As well as power, she amassed a substantial personal fortune, and made regular, generous donations to Dragon house at her Alma Mater, ensuring its continued success and growth. She married notable business magnate Augustus Gorum, and had two children, both rumoured to be potent magical prodigies. Many thought Lucretia would be satisfied with continuing to amass political and social power for the rest of her days. They were wrong.

Aged 32, and with the rumoured support of several of the old families of the city, she raised up an army of undead in an attempt to bring return the city to it's old ways. She succeeded in taking control for nearly two years, restoring many of the social structures that she considered to have made the city great during her youth. She was eventually driven from the city by a resistance movement lead by her adoptive sister Alanna (helped by aid from nearby kingdoms), who was fatally injured in the struggles. Lucretia retreated to a fortress she had constructed deep in the mountains, raising up a new army of undead to defeat her. For many years the best efforts of those who considered themselves heros failed to topple her, but she was finally defeated by Sir Tyril the Pure, a noted hero of the times. Despite strong opposition from some parts of the faculty, her name remains alongside Maximilian's on the founder's plaque outside Dragon house, as her ceaseless ambition and drive for power are considered by the current housemaster to be an excellent example to her students.

Defeat (?)

The fortress of bone, ten years after the liberation of Tosat

“Oh well done sir, truly you have done the world a great service today! The queen of darkness cut down at last!”

“Yes my faithful squire. It does seem to be done…” Sir Tyril massaged his neck absently as he turned to once more survey the ruined throne room, and let out a sigh. \ “You seem troubled sir.” said his squire, skilled at reading his master's moods after several years of companionship, “Surely you should be celebrating?”

“I guess I should”The blond haired knight replied. “It's just…wasn't that a bit to easy?”

“In what way sir?”

“well, she was supposed to be the most powerful necromancer the world has seen for hundreds of years, but when I stuck a sword in her she just…well died. No rising again as a undead monster, no pulling the sword back out while cackling about blades not harming her. Not even a vengeful ghost springing out to try and curse me. It just feels…off is all.”

“You want my opinion sir it's just post battle nerves. Let's get out of this horrible place”

Meanwhile, in the Dragon House Prefect's Room.

Tobias yelped as the badge pinned to his chest suddenly grew hot and pinged onto the table, ghostly energy fluctuating around it. After a few seconds, it subsided, and he tentatively reached out to touch it. As he did, a ghostly figure emerged from the badge, but not the one he was expecting. This figure was much younger, and had a much more…hungry gleam in her eyes.

“W-what happened to Lady Riebeck?” He managed to ask.

“Her ladyship has ah, graciously agreed to step down after a long stint in the position. I will be taking over her duties from here on out. My name is Lucr…eiza. Yes. Lucreiza. Now, to business. I am given to understand that some excellent progress has recently been made in ectoplasmic inhabitation of artificial bodies. Why don't you tell me all about it…”

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