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Martel Il'Praima - Helen B

Note: Character is male

The eldest son and heir of the Duchess of Khern in the Three Lands of Summer, Martel was a terribly serious, sensible, straight-faced sort of first-year. Fortunately the University soon knocked that some of that out of him and it is rumoured that he even has a sense of humour now. His full title is Lord Marquess of Khern but he will never, ever correct you on it(1).

The Three Lands of Summer were, some years previously, the Five Lands of Summer, and a while before that the Four Lands of Summer and the Righteous Republic Of Autumn, and it’s almost certain that by the end of Martel’s time at the University one of the Three Lands will have split off into at least four more, or possibly become the Two Lands of That Nice Bit Of Spring When It’s Warm But Not Too Hot.

(1) Opinions vary as to whether this is because he is far too well-brought up to throw his title in your face, or just because it's entirely possible he'll be the Baron Of Somewhere Else the next time he sees you.

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