Martel Il'Praima - Helen B

Note: Character is male

The eldest son and heir of the Duchess of Khern in the Three Lands of Summer, Martel was a terribly serious, sensible, straight-faced sort of first-year. Fortunately the University soon knocked that some of that out of him and it is rumoured that he even has a sense of humour now. His full title is Lord Marquess of Khern but he will never, ever correct you on it1).

The Three Lands of Summer were, some years previously, the Five Lands of Summer, and a while before that the Four Lands of Summer and the Righteous Republic Of Autumn, and it’s almost certain that by the end of Martel’s time at the University one of the Three Lands will have split off into at least four more, or possibly become the Two Lands of That Nice Bit Of Spring When It’s Warm But Not Too Hot.


After his experience herding students around during the accident, Martel was occasionally heard to say that carrying out his plans to unite the Three Lands was a walk in the park by comparison. He returned from the University after his Graduation with a bag of tricks, an assortment of useful friends in high, or at least interesting, places, and an advisor/close personal friend who he met at the University in the year above him. Terven and Martel were always very close and those who knew them best could see the nature of their relationship perhaps even better than they themselves could at first. Martel ensured that all his brothers and sisters were well educated, at the University or otherwise in the City depending on their magical aptitude.

The rule of Martel Il'Praima was characterised by quick thinking and diplomatic action. There were very few wars because talking is more efficient, and Martel had a talent for talking. His court was stable, with key positions filled by a mix of those who will be appeased by it and those who are competent at their jobs. The role of Chancellor was filled by one of his oldest friends, Bernadette Walmsley, who had a similar outlook on organisation to Martel and a booming voice that was impossible for anyone in the court to ignore. This proved useful when keeping squabbling to a minimum.

At a time when all were expecting him to announce his marriage to either the young Dutchess of Aotea or the Countess of Pyria, Martel did perhaps the only thing in his rule that was for himself as opposed to purely for the good of his country. It seems likely that his friends were involved in pushing him to this action but it is also clear that it was what was in Martel's heart to do and he merely needed the reassurance of his comrades to allow him to put his own happiness first. His marriage to Terven gained him nothing politically but those closest to him said that they had never seen him happier than on his wedding day.

The day itself was well attended by many of his old friends and colleagues from the University. In hindsight it can also be seen that many of the titles and positions he bestowed in honour of the day paved the way for the eventual uniting of the Kingdoms a year later. The support he garnered that day, and his subsequent deft political manoeuvring, led to him being the only logical choice to be crowned King of the newly minted Land (singular) of Summer.

Martel died at the age of 102 peacefully in his bed, surrounded by his adopted children and the many grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were his family. The influence of Martel and Terven lived on in them and the Land of Summer continues to thrive and prosper to this day.

1) Opinions vary as to whether this is because he is far too well-brought up to throw his title in your face, or just because it's entirely possible he'll be the Baron Of Somewhere Else the next time he sees you.
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