Maximilian Russel - Javi M

- Maxi Russel? Of course you know who he is. He's the man always walking around with an instrument and playing music! You remember last week at night when all the girls of the second floor were looking through the balcony? It was him down there playing music…
- Oh! Is he the one who organised that party couple of weeks ago?
- Yep. That's your man.
- Haven't I seen him at the scholars dinner?
- Sure. Without his scholarship he wouldn't be here. He never seems to have a pound on him - but somehow his fridge is full of food, and he's always got a pint for his friends!


Maxi stayed in Dragon House until the end of his degree, graduating with flying colours. After the University went back to its original location, the Head Master acknowledged his role, along with Lucretia and Vincent, in the re-founding Dragon House. A plaque at the entrance of the House commemorates this event.

He graduated with a distinction in alchemy, maintaining his scholarship with hard work and focus. His final dissertation was titled “Applications of Alchemical combustion in modern cooking” and was partly a failed attempt to alchemically produce creme caramel, but which ended up covering all the lab in custard.

As on of the most promising Alchemy graduates the University had ever seen, many were clamouring for his expertise after he left the University. He however, rejected an offer to work for a big alchemical lab in order to go back home to work and manage the restaurant his family had set up. With his characteristic determination he ran the establishment with incredibly success. Such was skill that his floating roasted pork with thyme and rosemary was prized with a Golden Unicorn by the Sphinx Restaurant Guide and his restaurant has never been given a rating of less than 3 Phoenix Feathers since he took it over.

He can still be found working in his restaurant even to this day, although every year he returns to the University to organise a banquet for all alchemy students in Dragon House, one of the main events of the House's social term card. It is this event alone that has been credited with Dragon house having both the highest number and quality of Alchemy students in the University, as everyone not only wishes to attend but also impress the great Maxi Russel - finest Alchemical Chef in the world.

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