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“Following the reappearance of the University, Morgan Fleuretti studied extensively in alchemy and cryptozoology with the goal of recreating the tera-cat potion. After graduating, he went on to gain a Doctorate of Magical Felineology and set up his own lab in Tosat where, aided by various attractive female lab assistants, he perfected the tera-cat potion and created many new potions, ranging from nano-cat through to yotta-cat, as well as a number of more unusual forms. He refuses to sell these for financial gain, opting instead to use them for the public good and to impress people at parties.

Fleuretti is known for his philanthropic works; he personally lead the campaign to rejuvenate the poorer areas of Tosat after a section of the Lower District was mysteriously demolished by a giant kitten named Twinkle. A statue of Fleuretti astride a majestically-sized house cat to commemorate his contributions to the lives of the underprivileged was erected in Fleuretti Square; its presence alone has done much to inspire the people of the Lower District to rise above their squalor.

At the time of publication, Doctor Morgan Fleuretti is available and very, very desirable. Very desirable.”

Extract from the Tosat Who’s Who.


“In this issue, we're delighted to present an interview with noted scientist and philanthropist Dr Morgan Fleuretti. He talks to us about his latest charitable drive towards providing kittens for orphans and, exclusively for our magazine, addresses the unfortunate rumours that his love-life has been plagued by unexplained zombie attacks. Tosat's most eligible bachelor on page 23, only in “City People”.

The First Years

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