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Prince Theodore Jayne Lionwhyte, scion of the dubiously-noble but definitely-ancient house of Lionwhyte, is the first and only son of the Thrall (colloquially, the “King of the Humans”) of Fjäll Felson, and is next in line for the throne.

One of the hat's odder choices for Chimera House, Prince Theodore is spends most of his time alternating between lounging around idly and throwing parties. He seems only to turn up to classes out of a grudging obligation, with the exception of Performance classes, at which he excelled. He is also invariably followed around by throngs of admiring first years, amongst whom various styles of troll music seem to be becoming popular.

Theodore - Eternity

It wasn't long before Prince Theo stopped slacking and picked up cryptozoology. By the holidays, he'd familiarised himself with everything the library had to offer on Dragons and then spent most of them in Drot with Vincent helping deal with their Dragon Problem.

During the rest of his time at the University he formed a music-with-rocks-in band with, and had an on-off relationship with Ismelda. However, on graduating they were kept apart by Thrall Lionwhyte himself who demanded only a princess for his son - they continued a rather torrid relationship in secret. Theo spent most of this time raising and keeping dragons and teaching others to ride them, as well as collaborating with several of his former classmates to obtain a branch of the Tree between the worlds, passing it into the care of Kel and Vincent for cultivation.

Eventually his father passed, and the Troll King acknowledged Theo as the new Thrall. To the surprise of literally no-one at court, he promptly married Ismelda, formed a new knightly order of Dragonriders, and partied like a motherfucker. Though this calmed him somewhat, Theo still went on several trips through the first pathways that opened up on the nascent World tree that he had helped to create. He died young but left behind twin daughters and an enduring legacy in Fjall Felson, which was popularly known thenceforth as the Two Kingdoms Of Earth And Sky.


My Lord Thrall Lionwhite

We hope that you are settling well into your new role, and thank you once again for contracting us to organise your coronation party. We are pleased to hear that the event was considered such a great success, but it does now unfortunately fall to us to present an itemised bill for the proceedings. If you wish to enquire as to the unit price of each item, please do not hesitate to contact our accounting department.

Consumables – food

  • 14 cows
  • 17 wild boar
  • 28 sheep
  • 214 Chickens
  • 317 Loaves Bread
  • 32 Sacks Potatoes
  • 44 Coronation Cakes – large
  • Sundry Fruit and Vegetables
  • Total – 2430 Crowns

Consumables – Drink

  • 45 Kegs Thunder Brew
  • 32 Kegs Ale
  • 25 bottles Merturian Fire Brandy
  • 118 Bottles Erudanian Red
  • 105 Bottles Erudanian White
  • 15 Casks Feoran “Bone-Eater” Black Absinthe
  • Total – 3145 Crowns

Breakages – Furniture & Crockery

  • 12 Tables – small
  • 7 Tables - Large
  • 46 Chairs – basic
  • 33 Benches
  • 522 Mugs/Flagons/Glasses
  • Total – 705 Crowns

Breakages – Instruments

  • 13 Drums
  • 4 Trumpets
  • 19 Guitars – smashed
  • 22 Guitars – burned
  • 29 Guitars - “Played To death”
  • Total – 2333 Crowns

Staffing -

  • 120 Liveried servers
  • 80 Chefs
  • 200 Menial Staff
  • 140 Musicians
  • Compensation for “Serious Emotional Trauma” to 83 of said musicians
  • Total – 4173 Crowns

We have taken the liberty of sending a copy of this to your chancellor, as you cannot fail to recall that when we sent the request for a deposit (which will, regrettably, not be being returned) direct to yourself, the letter was returned with “Music With Rocks In!” Scrawled across it, and not accompanied by the requested 1000 crowns. We hope payment will arrive promptly, and look forward to your future custom.

Yours Sincerely

Emmanuel Yuris, The Tosat Guild of Caterers and Event Organisers.

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