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Prospero – Eternity

Of the three Terpsichore-Phlange brothers, Prospero’s actions were perhaps the most enigmatic. It is now accepted by scholars in the study of great magical individuals that most of not all of Firesale’s actions upon graduating were building towards his eventual ascension, whilst the flamboyant dimensional meddling of Discount is well documented. By all accounts however, little of Prospero’s actions after the University’s dimensional sojourn suggested any malevolence on his part. He returned to the University claiming to have been lead astray by his brothers, and this story was by and large accepted by the faculty.

After graduating, he returned to Tosat and took over large parts of the family business, his father having withdrawn from the public eye somewhat after an accident a few years earlier. Under his auspices, the enterprise prospered, though it was noted by those watching that Prospero often passed the helm to trusted assistants for months at a time for sabbaticals. Meanwhile, those travelling the dimensions in the ships began to find evidence of a more insidious form of incursion from the entities that live between the stars. Rather than simple, unstructured assaults upon populaces, the beings were picking off a few choice morsels at a time, never taking so much that their hand was noted by the locals, only by those trained in the signs. Pieced together information suggested a unifying factor in this form of attack – a well spoken, charming individual visiting communities a few months before attacks started, showing great interest in local relics and places of legend and power. As more of the picture emerged, the number of eyes scrutinising the behaviour of one Prospero Terpsichore-Plange only grew.

Finally, a daring nightitme raid on Prospero’s mansion found him in conversation with an entity that bore all the hallmarks of one of the entitles most sane sorcerors sought to abjure. Worse, one of the intruders, Aceso Utopia, recognised this particular entity as one he had seen freed from beneath Dragon house so long ago. Unfortunately for the intruders, attempts to apprehend Prospero failed, as he was well prepared for such discovery, slipping between the planes in a way simply not available to his assailants. No more has been heard of him upon our world, and it is rumoured that wherever he is, the defences he has gathered around him are functionally impenetrable to those who would see him brought to justice.


Let it be known that by the decree of her Royal Majesty Queen Velea and his Imperial majesty King Prospero of Diamante, the practice of magic and alchemy by unlicensed individuals is henceforth to be considered treasonous behaviour and a threat to the sanctity of our great city. Any new arrivals to the city wishing to undertake the practice the arts magical are to present themselves at the palace to obtain appropriate licenses. Unlicensed mages are to be considered armed and dangerous, and suspected practice of unlicensed magic should be reported by all responsible citizens.

Glory be to the Queen and King!

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