Ramsey Dagless - David M

Ramsey is an incredibly quiet bookworm, usually nestled amongst the rafters and high-shelves of the clock-tower and library in a makeshift home of books. His interests include books in other languages, natural sciences and the faculty of the school itself, who he has a great fondness for.

Understated and hardworking, it is not uncommon for Ramsey to voice his well-researched opinion in Kirin-house debates… only very quietly and with little impact.

But behind his eyes… burns something… intense…

Ramsey can be usually found in the company of House Reps Xanatov or Martell, or fellow bookworm Friday, whom he spends all his spare time since the incident reading texts to…

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After switching his major to Anthropology, Ramsey stays on, doing a Masters & PHD, writing on The Base Language Of Creation & The Answer Of Existence (the base language of creation is dubbed Springbetter).

After proposing to Friday following his PHD viva, in the Forbidden Tomes Wing of The Library, Ramsey marries Friday (Aged 31 - He publishes a paper named “A Translation Of Existence & The Tranquility Found In The Language Of A Granite Paramour” the same day). They have a boy & 2 girls: Atlas, 'Pedia & Folio.

After teaching linguistics for 5 years, Ramsey is offered place as Head of Kirin House but declines, instead becoming an MP (Magister for Progression) at Erudis, attempting to implement Springbetter language as a Principle for a philosophy of peaceful political existence in the argument-torn ancient cities.

With help from Martel's Kingdom, discussions & favours from Prof. Carpenter, & substantial amounts of research helped by Friday, Ramsey is able to rise as a Political figure and try to spread his theories of social linguistics and harmony-theory throughout the Kingdoms. Ramsey is incredibly vocal & easily angered about/by the injustice & misrule in Erudis. At the age of 44, Ramsey is assassinated while leading a rally in Erudis, shot twice with a bow in front of thousands. Martyred, Ramsey's Springbetter theory takes hold, combining elements of The Past & future to make something better than either, even helping to quash disidence in Khern. He is buried at The University, regarded a Fellowe. A statue states “Ramsey Dagless MP, BM, MM, PhM: Glory Of The Creation Ritual. A Fire That Burnt Too Quick”.

Cut Short

Who killed him doesn't matter, only that he is dead. But an idea cannot die that easily. You cannot shoot an idea with arrows and expect it to stop moving. It spreads like wildfire that cannot be quenched. The past is left behind but lessons not forgotten, the future embraced but tempered. Even after death, he is still teaching and the world still learning. There will be justice, his vision will come true. His widow weeps for that is expected, his children mourn but know their father lives on in them, and in his work, in them he is immortal.

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