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Having scrapped a degree, Siegmund went on to become a famed dragon rider, travelling far and wide (often with Blitz Magnum, occasionally with Harriet Mercer) fixing wrongs and doing rights. Later being heavily involved in the uprising of Tosat, those taking a hard line against the dissidents often having a sudden change of mind due to sudden dragon.

A Knightly Duty

Sigmund reflected that things were going fairly well so far. Despite Blitz' forebodings (he had seemed quite reluctant to accompany him on this mission of utmost importance… actually thinking of it, he was always fairly reluctant to join Sigmund) nothing had really gone wrong if you discounted the broken dragon saddle strap and the ten seconds of subsequent free fall before the dragon had caught them. And really what was the problem with that when the dragon was as well trained as this one was?

He could hear the slight muttering of Blitz behind him, who had insisted on riding his own Drakon after saddle strap incident. Seated behind him, looking as calm and unfazed by it as ever, was Harriet with her nose in a book.

“So, this mission you've found for us…do you think we'll be victorious eh?” Said Sigmund in an attempt to break the silence.

“Oh yes. Success here is certain.”

“Well, you can never be certain, but I'm fairly confident. After all we are all powerful magicians, you are our quest giver, Blitz is most certainly a Hero and I am a Knight!”

“No no. I've checked a few months ahead. We'll be successful.”

“Ah, but are you really that certain? I mean, it's not as if it's happened yet.”

“Yes it has, in the future.”

“But we're not in the future.”

“Not yet. But I was and soon you will be. Don't worry. It's all going according to plan.”

“If you say so Harriet.” Sigmund reflected that it was probably better not to try and make sense of Harriet further, it would only give him a headache and distract him from his Knightly duty. Which was important. He settled back into the saddle and steered the reigns of the dragon towards the plains of Aotea. The wind whistled through his hair as he began planning the best way to rescue the princess from the tallest tower of the castle she was trapped in. Harriet seemed to have confidence in him though and she was right, with Blitz at his back how could he fail? He was really beginning to enjoy this Dragon Knight business.

Behind him Harriet smiled gently… all going according to plan.

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