Sassafras Tallywhacker - Jenny W


Interview with Jemimah Tallywhacker-Mongfish - Chief Electo-alchemical analyist in Pyria.

“Grandma? Yeah, of course I can tell you about her. Thing with Grandma is that she always got what she wanted in the end, determination that’s the key! At least that’s what Grandpa Brian says when you ask him. Mama says I get my inventing off him and my ability to get in trouble from Grandma. She used to tell me tales of Grandma when she was young - she lost all her magic but still graduated from the University! That's determination for you. She always did have a knack for Alchemy - I asked Grandma what she meant by that once and she just smiled oddly and raised a single eyebrow at me… She volunteered to go on the first dimension ship mission. Well… given she was there at its creation they could hardly say no. Besides, that kept her close to Grandpa Brian since by then he was at the university teaching and stuff. She did so well they offered her a job… did you know it was her idea to set up the knights chromatic as an inter-dimensional task force? Yeah… well… they had to do something with the first years who kept calling them selves the ‘knights chromatic’ and Grandma still had her yellow gauntlet so she offered to train ‘em which suited everyone just fine.”

“No don't touch that! I'm not quite sure what it does and it's been buzzing oddly since I found it. It's based off electro-alchemy that's for sure but I'm not entirely sure where it came from. Electro-alchemy? What do you mean you've not heard of it, where have you been living? Drot? Electro-alchemy is my Grandma's most notable invention. They say she leant the secret of the spark in a world the university visited on its journey. A world of advanced alchemy and not much else. Anyways, she spent a lot of time there and came back with harnessed lightning. Really helped out in the Tosat reformation I can tell you! A wonderful equaliser! Power for all in abundance. In fact I think she was installing the first electro-alchemical street-lights in Tosat around the time she married Grandpa Brian. So, story goes that she was in Tosat and Grandpa Brian had been doing science or something at the University and they both forgot they had to turn up! Frankly I think everyone else half expected it to happen since no seemed that surprised and the Dutchess of Perivale promptly collected her brother and Grandma with her portals and got them both to the churhc on time- at least that’s what I’ve heard.”

“Where is she now? Oh… out on the Dimension Ship! Nah… of course she’s not too old… got a lifetime supply of them Mangos didn’t she? A glass every morning will keep anyone chipper… and stop you getting overrun with walking fruit. She’s off taking the latest batch of recruits of the Knights Chromatic on patrol and putting them through their paces. Oh boy do they not know what they’re in for! Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go and deal with the transmutative lighting before it explodes.”

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