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Vincent Golding graduated from the University - his study in transfiguration inspired by his experience during The Event and the 'jellybones' spell he found himself gifted with. His final thesis concerned the subtle transmutation of the human form and contrasting that to the brash transformations required for, say, turning anyone into a toad. Despite a brief and otherwise promising relationship with Kel during their final year at university, it didn't last and after graduating he returned to his home village of Drot (more peaceable of late after his and Prince Theo's efforts to curtail the Dragon problem - several buildings having survived over six months!).

Vincent set up a clinic in Drot following his ambition to become a sorcerous surgeon. Although he deals more than adequatly with the needs of those in Drot, the combination all of his research has led to a specialisation in cosmetic and physical adjustment, making the small tall and the ugly beautiful. His reputation for manipulating the flesh spread rapidly and with the newly increased safety of Drot, his surgery became the place to go for 'corrective treatments'.

Vincent's ‘body moulding’ became popular amongst the wealthy ladies of the many lands of the world whilst men came to him for more masculine adjustments - a stronger arm here, a broader set of shoulders there, a more chiseled jawline. His business prospered and with it, the fortunes of Drot.

Gathering Wrinkles?
Sagging Cheeks?
Unsightly bulges?
Then come to Goldings of Drot! His treatments will lead to an all new you!
Elegance and beauty at reasonable cost!

“I was amazed! I felt like a new woman! After seeing Dr. Golding I felt so much better and looked 20 years younger! Swift and skilled… I'm going to recommend him to all my friends! I never thought I'd ever have such a pretty nose!” - Lady Claudia VeDamn of Tosat

“Never thought I'd walk on my gammy leg again. After the accident I thought my life was over, but Dr. Golding fixed it right up!” - Reggi Stromboli of Aotea

“My husband will be the talk of the town - with that new Chin? He's really going to make an impression.” - Dutchess Helga Stross of Fjall Felson

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