Virgin Lightning - Cecily P


Excerpts from a letter written by Tahariel Faustus (53rd Count of Malagard)

…My mother often seemed troubled. It is true that she graduated from the University although even I am not entirely sure how she achieved this remarkable feat. I can only assume that the headmaster turned a blind eye to her antics and perpetual bullying of the first years. He had always had a reputation as a just man. I refuse to believe that he could have been oblivious to her actions and I can only conclude that something must have affected his mind during his penguination. Certainly I know the two years following the accident were somewhat fraught for those in Leviathan house while my mother was still in attendance. I did what I could but… it is never enough is it?…

…She spent much of her time searching for Beartopus house. Where she got this notion from I have no clue but I believe the search for it consumed her and is what prevented her from ever really recovering her sanity. It is my greatest regret that I was unable to prevent her spiral into obsession. Once, many years after she had left the Universty, she visited me. She was remarkably lucid and began telling me of her search for one ‘Estevo Pirion’ founder of Beartopus house. She claimed that she had found tell of his employment by the University in the old Necromantic Arts department and also that she had reason to believe that he had perished in a tragic transfiguration accident. Then the moment was passed and whatever sense she had been making was gone. Later I took it upon myself to look into her claims – if Pirion was responsible for the trap that was beartopus house then it seems he might be responsible for the disappearance of around 50 students in the century after his death, and I believe him also to be responsible for the insanity of my dear mother….

… I believe her founding of ‘Beartopus College’ was a direct response to her expulsion from the University as a lecturer in the duelling arts (albeit not a very adept one) after an unfortunate incident with the boys rugby team and a Venus mantrap. This appeared to stretch even her dear friend, Blitz Mangum’s (now headmaster of the University) patience to its limit and he was forced to dismiss her. His patience until now astounds me, as I believe she had been responsible for at least five of the Headmaster’s visits to the infirmary due to fatal ‘accidents’ at her hands. The independent ‘Beartopus College’ rented a building across the street from the University and claimed to be a place of ‘magical education’ and attracted those who either had not the talent for the University or who liked the notion that ‘Beartopus College’ was so easily mistaken as being officially associated with the University but was much easier to graduate from. Despite its set-up it was relatively successful and she spent many years as headmistress…

…In the last couple of decades of her life, Mother came to live with me after grandfather had sadly passed away. She had been absent from the world for a few years before she turned up at my door. With father nowhere to be seen I was now Count of Malagard and I think, to her, it seemed like a soft option to stay with me. I could hardly refuse my own Mother although her presence was trying at times I will admit. It appears she had tried to work on the ship that traversed the dimensions but had managed to aggrieve the captain (an old school colleague, Martel Il'Praima I believe) so much that she had been thrown off ship at the first world and left to find her own way home. It took her a long time to return but of course she managed it, although the experience had left her mind even more confused…

…She passed away peacefully in her sleep and I miss her terribly. She had made life harder I will admit, she did have a tendency to interfere in the running of Malagard, but I always viewed her interference as more of a challenge set by her for me to overcome, rather than an attack upon what I built. I hope she was proud of my achievements. Whatever else is said about her, she was my mother and I loved her very much.

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