Mandrake House

Mandrake House, named after the well-known screaming plant, was originally created with a great focus on herbology following the Shambling Mound Incursion 700 years ago. With the somewhat exotic and often narcotic properties of occult vegetation, however, this house soon picked up a reputation for eccentricity. As the University expanded, Mandrake House’s free-thinking bent enabled it to dominate the campus’ artistic endeavors, and famous alumni such as Christobel Iselsi and Thae-Kal the Communicator have shaped the culture of the City and its wider environs.

Since its creation, Mandrake house has always been seen as something of a dumping ground for staff members too erratic to be assigned to one of the more prestigious houses. This has led to an environment where senior students keep a close eye on younger ones and watch out for them, because no-one else is going to. This leads to a convivial atmosphere between the years, continuing past uni to create a wide network of contacts that will help a Mandrake graduate find friends wherever they go. You can count on a Mandrake to be friendly, if unreliable, and always know where to go to have a good time.

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