It is a common misconception that magical libraries are a terribly dangerous sort of place, in which an unsuspecting undergraduate may quickly find themselves devoured by an errant copy of Belmallion's tragically flawed treatise upon the nature of hunger, or set upon by a wild pack of Halier's light romances. It is years since we've had any significant literary accident in the main body of the library. Now the restricted section on the other hand…/

Chief Librarian Professor Murayam Blake's traditional opening to her tour of the library for first years

The Library. Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even millions of books covering every subject under the sun, stretching far beyond merely magic, the purpose of a University being to turn out finely rounded young individuals, not merely brats with a god complex and the fireballs to go with it (as a former headmaster was fond of saying). Most of the books freely available to first years (the vast majority) are by and large mundane - at least in so far as that they are books made out of woodpulp and leather; their contents can be anything but. There are inevitable tall tales that would suggest otherwise (some of the faculty can remember the one about the Big Book of Raptors and the pet field mouse from their undergraduate days), but the library acts as a safe and incredibly helpful resource, both for the serious students looking to put something special into their essays, and the bored layabout looking for a romance of surpassing quality. Some would say enchanting, but they'd be wrong. Usually.

The restricted section is another story. Entry is barred by a large iron door with no obvious keyhole: it will apparently open to anyone who is allowed in, and quickly slam shut behind them. Second years tend to begin to be allowed in as the points earned by their house rise above a certain quantity, though it is strongly recommended that they are accompanied by a senior librarian with a net and a stout stick on their first trip in. The infirmary can, of course, deal with any physical wounds, suffered but apparently many of the tomes that contain Secrets Of Which Man Should Have No Ken don't agree with the classification of their contents, and are very keen to share.

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