The kitchens are usually located close to the dining hall for easy serving. They are housed in high vaulted cellars with ornate pillars holding up the stone ceilings. There are many fireplaces and ovens located around the kitchens with various areas taking on different responsibilities. Over here is where the bread is made and over there where the meat is hung and smoked and the roasting ovens. Stews are here while grain and fresh fruit are kept over there. Hanging from the ceilings are various herbs and spices as well as cured meats ready to be used. Over in that corner is the pie maker and over there is where all the washing up is done.

Most students at some point or another will have snuck down to the kitchens for midnight snack raids with varying degrees of success depending on who was on duty at the time.

The head chef is perfectionist, a genius, an experimentalist and a Goblin. Chef Alphonse is one of the finest yet most demanding chefs in the world. He runs a tight ship and everyone has their place, their role, and woe betide any member of staff who chops a carrot wrong let alone lets a souffle sink! His staff are a mix of those who love to cook and those who just needed a job and as such overall have something of a love/hate relationship with Chef Alphonse.

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