The Office:

Finding the academic administration office is fairly easy - it’s something every student needs to do multiple times during their first year as they sort out their stipends, problems with room allocation, malfunctions or breakages (one memorable occurrence being when a large toad hopped into the offices claiming to be the student occupant of room L34 and complaining that the fumes from the alchemy lab had been accidentally rerouted through his chimney).

There are two main people you deal with in the academic administration office - Emily Holtz and Gabriel Turner. Despite being of the unmagical persuasion they have surprising influence over young students lives; if you want problems sorting quickly then making friends with them is a good idea. Behind the easily accessible academic administration office are a veritable warren of other offices dealing with the day to day running of an institution such as The University. Finance, supplies, exports, dealing with complaints from the City, dealing with complaints from the rest of the world, alumni relations. However as students you rarely, if ever, need to venture into this corner of The University.

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