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Excerpt from “Magical accidents: The University Accident and its long term effect on the people involved.” published 19 years after the accident.

Edwina took the first chance she got to go on the inter-dimensional ship. It seems likely her thirst for knowledge was only made greater by her experiences during the week the University was missing. She managed to persuade the tutors at the University that a year spent studying in different dimensions could count towards her final degree as a sabbatical. She took with her a large amount of what was in metamagiphysics that wasn’t tied down and a fair amount that was much to the chargrin of the metamagiphysics tutors. It seems likely that their complaints were dropped after they saw the astonishing results she managed to achieve, particularly in the field of space distortion as exemplified by the pocket dimension she created during the accident. She finished her degree specialising in, unsurprisingly, metamagiphysics although to the surprise of many opted to take up cryptozoology in addition to her other courses. This can be seen to make sense in the context of her later actions.

Her desire to continue her research led her to complete her doctorate in multi-dimensional theory however her lack of enthusiasm for teaching is perhaps what kept her from taking up an academic position at the University. Instead she found independent funding from the sale of small pocket dimensions to ease the space squeeze caused by the booming populations of many cities. It’s likely that she saw far less of the profits from this than she should have done (it seems she was never one to focus on the mundane things) however what she got was enough to fund her savant lifestyle and allow her to go on many more Dimensionfleet missions.

About a decade after the university accident, Edwina retired from public view for a long while and it’s thought that she was working on her greatest project to date. A year later she emerged from her estate. Witnesses said she declared that “I think it’s finished. Yes… well, probably. For the moment, although I still have some ideas about gravity that I want to try out. And moss… the moss isn’t quite right yet. Umm, would you like to come in?”

Then people started arriving. From across all the dimensions Edwina had ever visited, people started returning on the next Dimensionfleet ship that they encountered. They said that Edwina had told them of a new world she was creating, a place of new rules and new life and new perspectives, and asked if they would like to come and live in it? Many said yes and as they arrived they trickled into Edwina’s estate and disappeared and neither they nor she have been seen since.

Although one might suspect a somewhat ominous conclusion it seems most probable that Edwina had in fact managed to create a pocket dimension large and complex enough to sustain the entirely new community that gathered together under Edwina’s call.
Despite a thorough search of the estate for any sign of the people, Edwina or an entrance into a pocket dimension, nothing was found.

The one clue to is a letter written by Edwina to her old friend and fellow science club member Arris Toe-Crat, which describes how ‘…Construction is coming along nicely, I’ve got the sky right at last (orange) and water is flowing uphill instead of down just like I theorised! I think basic organisms are also on their way to working too. I have created a fish. Well… mostly. Well… it looks a bit like a fish if a fish had fur and something that might be an eye or might be a window to the soul but I’m sure its all fine. Either way it’s all very exciting. I intend to present my findings to the science club after adequate testing and experimentation of course. I expect a couple of decades should be sufficient to really start getting a good look at things and seeing what it’s like to be a god…”

The remaining members of the infamous 'University Science Club' (see chapters 4, 5, 19 and 25) are apparently awaiting the 20 year mark and Edwina’s possible return with some anticipation.

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