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The life of Xanatov Kiribal is littered with incredible escapades, the like of which are usually confined to the pages of a novel or seen on the stage. His last two years at university after the incident, read on paper like a comical novel of misadventure and hijinks. Although undoubtedly one of the hero's of the incident, he was never quite viewed with the same affection as say, Ramsey or Morgan. But equally was never held with quite such suspicion as the infamous Terpsichorde-Flanges or Diag Swallow. The disappearance of the prefect badge of Kirin house and the subsequent discovery (and confusion) that in some metaphysical way Xanatov was the prefect badge highlights perfectly the relationship that Xanatov had with the faculty. The prefect badge was eventually remade however the lingering essence of 'prefect' could never be fully removed from Xanatov, much to the Kirin Ghost's annoyance. Although they never quite expelled him, the faculty never let him near any of their precious artefacts ever again.

After his graduation (after which many faculty members were said to have breathed a sigh of relief that their magical items were finally safe), Xanatov began the process of acquiring and potionising as many magical items as he could lay his hands on. It is here that his life takes a turn for the dramatic away from the comical. The acquisition of items became his obsession and he made more than a few enemies in his attempts to add to his potion collection. However as hero's always seem to, he had a knack for avoiding harm and getting away with it, put down in part to his silver tongue and winning smileā€¦ that and a fast running pace.

The issue of size was always problematic and over the years Xanatov tried a number of options from enlarging his hands to trying to shrink the items - each with limited success. Yet over the years he did manage to obtain a quite staggering number of potions made from various magical items and interesting materials. His collection was just that, a collection. He rarely drank any of the potions himself but held onto them only using them when necessary. Frequently people attempted to raid his potion collection however none succeeded in stealing any of the potions.

Although never considered a respectable academic, Xanatov published a number of pamphlets on the nature of alchemical combinations. Many dismissed them as the writings of a loon whose mind was befuddled with potions of dubious provenance. However some saw past this, seeing that the alchemical viewpoint that Xanatov brought to Brian Mongfish's research into decomposition as a way to revolutionise the way alchemical potions were created and modified. Many of his theories were accepted into mainstream alchemy and made him a very rich man.

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