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Friday Springbutter is obsessively bookish, perpetually harassed and nervous to the point of panic when put on the spot. During a Cryptozoology tutorial a week before the Event, her stuttered answers so infuriated her tutor that he turned her to stone, to teach her something of the importance of presence of mind when trying to remember the handling recommendations for basilisks. He probably would have removed the spell in time. Unfortunately, he has disappeared with the other tutors.

Nobody has yet found a way to lift the spell permanently. The recent magical shifts sometimes allow Friday some respite, so that she can walk and talk as a living being, but after a short time she always becomes a rather unhappy-looking statue once more.


Having had the petrification spell removed, Friday eventually comes to miss her conversations with stonework, and arranges to spend every second Tuesday as a statue.

Friday dates Ramesey throughout university, eventually marrying him and having three children (Atlas, 'Pedia & Folio).

Having helped Martel organise his library, she takes the role of Head Librarian in the university, coming to be known as the (Crazy) Lady of the Books as she campaigns for book rights.

After Ramsey's untimely death, she become obsessed with the “Great Library”, and one day absent-mindedly rubber-stamps her children, leaves them in the Book Returns box of the library, and disappears from human record. The last cryptic note in her diary reads 'Call Home'.

One of the abandoned children inherits Ramsey's activist tendencies. Another rebels, becoming a squash-playing accountant. The third is raised by books in the heart of the University Library. Adventurous students sometimes hear the wild and beautiful sound of him leaping between the dusky shelves, cataloguing as he goes.


It is said that all adventures start with the seed of an idea.
Although sometimes they take a long time to grow.
Sometime in her 45th year, Friday Springbetter left her home and headed out into the wider world. She was searching for something that had haunted her for 20 years. The thought had plagued her for decades, the thought of an opportunity missed perhaps forever.
“Excuse me, I’m looking for Home, can you help?”
The figure turns and smiles almost wickedly at her. “I’ve been waiting so long for you. What took you? Come, let me take you Home.”

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