Tallulah Wrenswith - Hannah W

Tallulah comes from upper Tosat, and had an extremely sheltered upbringing. This has lead to her being both very shy and somewhat naive. She gets along better with animals than people (and better with toy animals than real ones), and originally came to the university to study to become a magical veterinarian. Unfortunately, during her first year she discovered that healing involved a lot more blood and sickness than she had been envisioning, and has now been pretty thoroughly put off the whole subject.

Her best friend is a black and white toy rabbit, called Terrence, who goes with her everywhere (she can often be found with one or two other cuddly toys about her person as well). Her best human friend is Lavender Mongfish, who is one of the few people Tallulah actually feels comfortable with. She hates upsetting people, though, so she tries her best to be friendly to people she's not as familiar with, even if she is terrified she'll do or say something wrong and mostly just wishes she could be hiding in her room under a pile of stuffed animals rather than having to talk to people.


Tallulah – Eternity

Upon resuming her studies, Tallulah found that despite all that she and the others had been through, her squeamishness remained. A quick academic reshuffling occurred, in which she capitalised upon the opportunities provided by her spell. Focusing upon the more mechanical aspects of alchemy, supported by studies of the nature of consciousness within the department of post-life studies.

After graduating with honours, she set up her own business capitalising upon the knowledge she’d gained. Working with troubled furniture (and other inanimate objects on occasion), she found surprising success solving problems that people had not previously considered addressable. It turns out that fixing the creak on the stairs is much easier when you can ask the third step what it feels is missing from its existence, and let it air exactly what it thinks about the fifth step.

Alongside this, she continued her studies part time, seeking to perfect and enhance the effects of her spell, aiming to eventually make it permanent. Stories about the extent of her success differ, but rumours persist that the brief reign of the shadowy tyrant W’ish were in some way related to her experiments.

In later life, with the proceeds of her business, she set up the Wrenswith Home for Unloved Former Inanima, looking to provide a comfortable life for both the objects affected by her spell and those animated by other magic. It is remembered as both a successful charitable institution in its own right, and one of the greatest curiosities found in a magical world.

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