Alanna - Ellie H

Alanna is a street rat from Tosat who if you are a noble seems to blame you for just about everything, multiplied tenfold if you are from Tosat. if you are not a noble Alanna is friendly enough though is close only to few. You may have heard that she is Lucretia's sister; she vehemently denies this, yet the name Varanidae seems to appear on official papers remarkably often.

Alanna - Eternity

Alanna's part in the eventual reform of Tosat is viewed by historians as absolutely pivotal. Before she had even graduated, she gained a reputation as something of a vigilante, eliminating criminal gangs who exploited the poor of the city. However, despite her alleged exploits being a major talking point, she was never formally accused of any crimes – debate still rages as to whether this was due to a talent for not getting caught, or an unwillingness of any with evidence to indict her.

Upon finishing her degree, she set about rallying the common people of Tosat to the cause of reform. While several of her contemporaries set to the cause through statesmanship and politics, she simply intended to build up a groundswell of anger that could not be ignored by those above. For two years, she worked with the common people while others argues back and forth in the political stables, until she and her allies felt that the time had come. Upon that day, she and her friends undertook the great reshaping that transformed the Tosat slums into a gleaming, perfect streets that can be seen even today. On that day, the people took to the selfsame streets to demand that this day mark a turning point. At the same time, her political allies advanced their collection of reformation bills. Though there was significant resistance among the faction headed by Lucretia, the will of the people could not be denied, and reform became a reality for Tosat.

Alanna did not cease her work for the people after this day, of course, continuing her work to ensure that what had been gained was not gradually pulled back by those who wished a return to the old ways. Several attempts were made on her life, but her martial and magical talents comprehensively repulsed these.

When her sister (by adoption) Lucretia took over the city six years later, Alanna returned to her underground role, playing a vital part in forming the resistance that eventually removed her from the city. Alanna herself was tragically killed in one of the last battles of the uprising. On the instruction of her closest friends, money that would have gone into a memorial and statue for her was instead channeled into a scholarship to allow disadvantaged Tosat youths to attend the University on their own merit, rather than relying upon the patronage of the rich.

Tosat, 25 years later...

Aching to be free of the heavy bag on his back, Carlos stepped across the threshold of the tavern. Or at least, he thought it was a tavern – the lack of the expected wave of noise as he opened the door rather threw him. But glancing around inside, his original notion turned out to be correct. However, the patrons within were not behaving as he would have expected – no loud conversations, no laughing, not even the drunken singing he would have expected. Instead, the denizens of the rooms were all looking, silently and expectantly, towards a rough portrait of a young woman that had been hung over the fireplace at one end of the room, drinks in hands.

Carlos made his way towards a barkeep, making to query this strange turn of events, but the man put a finger to his lips, and gestured towards the portrait. At that moment, a clock somewhere began striking the midnight hour, and as one, the patrons intoned “To Alanna. Alanna and freedom”, before taking deep swigs from their various receptacles. After that, a conversational hubbub, with something of a sentimental tone, began to pick up, the bar being rapidly restored to its expected state.

“Not from around these parts I see”, the barman said.

“Indeed not sir, I am a travelling scholar seeking a bed for the night. May I ask what all that was about?”.

“Liberation day my friend. Day herself set us free from her evil sister. Day she died for the people. You won't find any memorials out there, but you will in here. People of Tosat have a lot to thank her for, and once a year, stroke of midnight, we remember her. Now, what can I get you, you look like you have a powerful thirst….”

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