Ismelda Glass - Penny J

Ismelda - Eternity

Ismelda spent the rest of university slightly less hard-working as she couldn't have her new on/off partner and bandmate Theo thinking she was total nerd, but still managed to pass with good enough grades for the Troll King to consider her to have been a good investment.

She was an and off lecturer at the university for a few years when playing Music with Rocks In wasn't paying the bills (maybe it would have done had she taken performance classes and could play more than 3 chords). She didn't want to spend her whole career at the university, unlike a lot of the residents she loved her homeland and couldn't understand why so many people wanted to leave. Well, that was the story she gave until Theo's father who had deemed her unworthy for his son finally died.

After finally marrying Theo she used her new riches to sponsor some scholarships for students in Dragon house, ensuring that her name continued to be associated with its refounding. After Theodore's tragic death, Ismelda returned to the University to teach full time, and used knowledge accumulated during her student years, and a powerful magical source that the late Theo had found on a trip through the world tree, to successfully re-found Sphinx house, of which she became housemaster. Her twin daughters both grew to become musical and magical prodigies, and followed in their parents' footsteps as students of the University.


The Singing Chamber: A Breakthough Regarding Origins

Submitted by Cotto Hamel for the degree of Doctor of Magical History

Abstract: In this thesis, I present new and compelling evidence for a novel theory regarding the origins of the “singing chamber” a room found in the vicinity of Sphinx house around 120 years ago. This chamber is well known among the University's staff and students, as the music that plays there has the unusual effect of broadening the horizons of the mind, making it most useful when tackling complex magical conundrums. A study of a cache of diaries dating from the time of the great dimensional event and the subsequent thirty years have unearthed compelling new evidence that the chamber was fabricated by Professor Ismelda Glass, re-founder and then housemaster of Sphinx house, as a tribute to her late husband. The diaries also provide insight into the origins of the strange music, and may even provide the first steps towards its replication.

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