Discount Terpsichore-Phlange - Jon R

Discount - Eternity

And what became of Discount, the most studious of the three brothers?

Well, he took particular pride in showing Father just how much he had achieved. He also took a lot of other things, too, most of which nobody was quite sure what were.

Tales of his passage across the multiverse were as rich and as varied as the planes across which he travelled. Some say he made a new cog at the centre of creation, that spun in seven dimensions. Some say he built a palace in a grain of sand, using the Wand of Estocles, known for its ability to alter an item's number of dimensions.

Some say he was responsible for several more thefts of university property as it sailed through the multi-cosmos. Some say he protects the students there in the night, from all manner of other creatures. Several people say he occasionally tries to ask Li out on a date, but never musters up the courage.

Whatever the case, the truth seems undeniable. He is some kind of transplanar architect, rogue and mechanic, roaming creation alone, or with his wayward brothers.

Curiously, a university expedition would later uncover his grave site, which appeared to be many thousands of years old. Strange, as this only happened a few years after the Catastrophe.

Weird, eh?


Discount hurtled along the cliff path, the glowing orb tucked safely under his arms but, worst luck, a genuine card-carrying local hero in pursuit, all flowing blonde hair, artfully tousled scarf and worryingly sharp sword. Good running legs on him too. With his free arm, he pulled out the pocket watch he'd “borrowed” from that finely dressed chap on the last world. Damnation, still five minutes until the dimensional whip-lash he'd set up would pull him out of here, and trying anything new with what he was pretty sure was a primitive null-field generator under his arm probably wouldn't end well.

His internal thought process was rudely interrupted by the abrupt end of the cliff path, leaving only, well, a cliff. His pursuer slowed, and with a triumphant gleam in his eyes, advanced on Discount with sword outstretched, and began to speak.

“Did you really think you could just come into our village and take that, fell sorceror? My family have guarded the orb for generations, and it has protected my village from wicked mages like you. Your arrogance has been your undoing, prepare to face m-”

The boy was, at this point, rudely cut off by a cosh to the back of the head. He slumped to the floor to reveal, standing behind him, Discount. Another Discount. Grinning.

“Hello past-me. I'd offer you a high-five, but that would collapse reality as we know it. Just remember this moment oh…four and a half years from now. And don't go trusting any serpent men you encounter. They're nothing but trouble. Bye now”.

The figure vanished in a flash of light, leaving only the first Discount standing on the cliff top. He too, now was grinning. This had been a good day.

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